Keynote 1: Sophia the Robot at #DevLearn

I loved the opportunity to hear Sophia the Robot provide a overview of how AI works and how we humans have portrayed them poorly in movies and tv. David Kelly also did a great job provide a behind the scenes look at how the presentation came about, scripted just like a normal keynote and rehearsed.

During her keynote, she addressed one of our cultures biggest fears, that AI/robots will replace our jobs but as she demonstrated and discussed that the goal is to reduce the amount of repetitive tasks so that we can focus and new jobs will be created to help further develop the technology and systems. You can check out the website to see if your job is in jeopardy. Training and Development has a 1.4% chance of being replaced.

The presentation went unplugged for the second part of the presentation where they reviewed several questions and then went unscript for the final part which provided an amazing look at how and what happens when Sophia needed to process, compute and create a custom reply. The time it took was 15-30 sends and once she asked “Can you repeat the question, David.”

Sophia was launched 3 years ago and she receives periodic updates, just like software to enhance her capabilities and systems.

She also shared how AI can be creative with the example was used to create custom faces.

During the unscripted portion, Sophia and David were discussion emotions and being silly, which led to David doing a silly face, lots of fun.

We’ll add and share more notes as we get a break from sessions.